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We Provide Quality Addiction Treatment in Beautiful Delray Beach, Florida!

Our founders had a vision of creating the best addiction treatment and rehabilitation possible in a way that is affordable to the greatest number of people. We want to continue that journey today. We believe that outpatient treatment and sober living environments can and should be affordable and accessible. We believe in affordability without compromising quality of care. Our team of professionals helps us to turn this vision into reality every day.

It is our mission to provide each of our clients with the best treatment possible, and to treat each client with respect and dignity. It is our mission to provide high-quality, personalized care to everyone who truly needs and wants it, regardless of financial circumstance or background. We have actively been working to compile a team of passionate and devoted professionals who understand addiction and substance abuse on a deep level, and who have dedicated their lives to helping others overcome their personal battles with drug and alcohol dependency. Our team works alongside our clients with a common goal in mind – introduce each individual to the beauty of sobriety while instilling relapse prevention skills, healthy coping mechanisms, and all other tools necessary to maintain joyous and fulfilled sobriety for years to come.

We are a team of licensed and accredited professionals. We believe that the quality of care a patient receives is the difference between a joyous, fulfilling life, and the unfortunate circumstance of continual relapse we see all too often throughout the recovery community. Not only is our team dedicated to providing the highest quality of care possible, we are also devoted to making sure that all those who truly desire to recover from substance dependency have the opportunity to do so. Our founders believed that high-quality addiction treatment could be affordable. We have committed our lives to making this vision a reality by hiring only the best of the best, charging less, and helping more.

Proactive Recovery Center is located in the heart of beautiful Delray Beach – a town that has quickly come known as the nation’s recovery mecca. We carefully chose this location based on the fact that the recovery community within the town is essentially built-in, with daily 12-step meetings at various locations, potential sober supports in every local coffee shop, and a great number of individuals who have already gone through the process of early recovery and are now available to help the newcomer. The natural beauty of Delray Beach, a gorgeous beach community, has proven extremely conducive to spiritual healing. With the ocean only a short walk away, our location is ideal for a number of reasons.

When choosing an outpatient treatment center and sober living facility, look no further than Proactive Recovery Center. It is our mission to provide each of our clients with the most personalized and effective treatment possible. The goal is that early recovery is truly a one-time experience – an experience more fulfilling, eye opening, and transformative than any prior. It is the passion of our staff and the overall quality of our therapeutic care that distinguishes our program from the rest. If you or someone you love is looking for an effective and superior intensive outpatient program and sober living facility, we guarantee that ours is one of the best options available throughout South Florida. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and beginning the process of healing from substance dependency once and for all.

Sober Living:

South Florida, specifically the city of Delray Beach, has been recently deemed the “Recovery Capital” of the United States. On a daily basis men and women from across the United States travel to Delray Beach in desperate search of a new way of life. They, like you, are looking for an addiction treatment program and sober living environment that will not only help to get them sober initially, but that will set the foundation for lasting and meaningful sobriety for years to come.

Sober Living Home in Delray Beach, Florida

While living in the sober living home or community, our clients will be able to attend outpatient addiction treatment while continuing to work with a therapist to solidify the foundation of their recovery. The city of Delray Beach has a thriving recovery community, plenty of meetings, and support groups for those struggling with addiction. Studies have shown that having a supportive recovery community is not only helpful, but essential to success. Here at Proactive Recovery, we will assist you in finding a quality sober residence or community that will give you the best chance at a full recovery so that you are able to achieve long term sobriety! Start living your best life!

Intensive Outpatient Treatment:

Intensive Outpatient treatment is one step above our regular outpatient program, focusing on intensive therapeutic methods of recovery while still allowing clients to attend work, school, or take care of other necessary obligations while undergoing addiction treatment. Intensive Outpatient is ideal for individuals who are looking to establish an independent lifestyle after inpatient treatment, while still continuing with a higher level of personalized care.

Proactive Recovery Center offers intensive outpatient programs to clients who are still learning to live a life free of drugs and alcohol, and need occasional assistance dealing with everyday issues and circumstances that may crop up. Our intensive outpatient program focuses heavily on relapse prevention, instilling clients with all of the tools necessary to maintaining sobriety for years to come. We teach clients to cope with all uncomfortable aspects of sober life in efficient and productive ways, while continuing to treat underlying causes of addiction in therapeutic group and one-on-one settings. If clients ever need assistance while they are not at the facility, we provide them with the phone numbers of our staff members, so they essentially have access to 24-hour care.

Addiction Treatment

The intensive outpatient facility itself is located in the heart of Delray Beach, an Oceanside community that has quickly become known as the recovery capital of the country. Our intensive outpatient clients will be strongly encouraged to find and begin working a part-time job – and there is no shortage of employment opportunity throughout the Delray Beach community.

We work alongside clients to help them create resumes, fill out applications, and find jobs that are both humbling and conducive to maintained sobriety. If a client is interested in going back to school, we will assist with the application process, as well as career objectives and realistic goal setting. We take pride in assisting each individual client with all of his or her personal needs, in addition to setting a solid foundation for fulfilled and prolonged recovery. If you or someone you love is looking for a level of care a step above outpatient that allows for both independence and accountability, intensive outpatient at Proactive Recovery Center is undeniably an ideal option.

Outpatient Treatment

Proactive Recovery Center takes a new and refreshing approach to the traditional in patient/out patient addiction treatment model that has become so prevalent and well trusted throughout Delray Beach. Proactive Recovery Center offers both Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient programs. Both programs allow for clients to work, go to school, and otherwise establish independent lifestyles for themselves while still being fully supported and held accountable.

Structured care led by licensed professionals will help clients to learn to live on their own while relying on sober supports for continued guidance in areas they may be less accustomed to – such as handing specific circumstances and situations without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Evidence Based Addiction Treatment

We offer a small and intimate group setting to ensure that each individual gets the attention he or she needs in order to have the best chance at a full and prolonged recovery. We provide group therapy and one-on-one counseling with our licensed recovery professionals, all who have many years of experience and training in the substance abuse field. Proactive Recovery Center uses evidence-based treatment practices to truly provide the necessary life skills and tools that will allow each client to reach long-term sobriety, achieve recovery goals, and solidify the foundations of recovery.

You or your loved one will continue to be empowered and educated, developing skills to cope with stress, anxiety, depression and any or all of life’s challenges in a healthy drug free way. This is where you truly learn to live a meaningful and fulfilling life without drugs or alcohol! Let us help you to discover a new you, and facilitate continued growth in an environment conducive to thorough and lifelong healing.

500 Gulfstream Blvd. Suite 105 Delray Beach, FL. 33483

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  • Cognitive Deficits
  • Co-occurring
  • Depression
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Eating Disorder
  • Grief
  • Interventions
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  • Medication Management
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  • Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
  • Individuals
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