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Get advice, have your resume prepared for you or search jobs on our job site.

Hunting for a new job? Scared to let your potential employer know you're in a substance abuse treatment program? Don't worry! The employers posting job's on our site will know in advance the applicants responding to their job postings are in a substance abuse treatment program and they're willing to hire you. Please, dress appropriately for your interview. If you don't have appropriate clothes for an interview call us; 561-203-0000.

When interviewing let the prospective employer know the schedule of your IOP meetings and or the schedule of your recovery meetings. Success is not getting a job. Success is completing your treatment program and staying clean!

You're a felon or you have a criminal record and you would like to know what employers are willing to give you a 2nd chance? There's plenty of jobs available. Please check back or call us; we'll forward you a list of companies offering 2nd chance employment programs. Stay positive, be confident, tell the truth and when applying be upfront about your criminal record.

Having problems preparing a resume? Need help writing a resume? The Recovery Source is willing to give you advise on writing your resume. If you're interested in learning how to write a resume we'll teach you. We have the computers, we have the printers, we have the paper and we'll even type it for you. Don't hesitate to ask us for help.