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5 Hidden Signs of Alcoholism to Watch

5 Hidden Signs of Alcoholism to Watch

Sometimes the signs of alcoholism aren't always so clear. Here are 5 secret warning signs that often go unnoticed.

August 10, 2017

Over 15 million American adults have a problem with alcohol. 

But the truth is, you might not even know that someone close to you is addicted to alcohol. The idea of the so-called "functioning alcoholic" isn't new. However, in reality, these people aren't "functioning" at all.

In this post, we'll tell you 5 signs of alcoholism that may not always be so visible. 

1. They Don't Look Good

Sometimes, the hidden signs of alcoholism can lurk in someone's physical appearance. 

If you notice facial swelling, red skin (especially on the cheeks) and even patches of rough skin, this could be a sign of alcoholism. 

Of course, the biggest physical giveaway is "shaky" hands -- especially in the mornings. 

2. Dramatic Mood Swings

Everyone feels "off" from time to time. But one of the biggest indicators of alcoholism are continued, drastic mood swings. 

This is because the addict is going through alcohol withdrawal, which can leave them angry, depressed, and potentially even violent.

Start looking into local AA meetings for your loved one, and plan an intervention to suggest they start attending one soon. 

3. They Bring Up Drinking A Lot

Sometimes, even the things people say can tip you off about a problem with alcohol. 

For example, does your loved one get highly defensive when you ask them not to drink, or suggest that they drink less? 

Do they bring up alcohol all the time, even "joking" about how much they love drinking? This is a defense mechanism used by lots of alcoholics, and it's meant to make you think they have a "handle" on their drinking. 

The truth is, they don't. So, don't fall for it.

4. They Have A Secret Stash

Most alcoholics know that they're drinking isn't normal -- and they may even feel a sense of shame about it. 

However, they're also likely to hide just how much alcohol they're drinking, for fear you'll tell them to stop. 

If you find a "stash" of large amounts of booze in the garage or in their office, it could be a warning sign. 

If you seriously suspect a problem, you may even want to go through the trash or recycling to look for empty bottles. 

5. You've Noticed Things Missing

That necklace you can't seem to find? Your secret cash under your bed that mysteriously disappeared a few weeks ago? 

Ask yourself if it's possible that a loved one took it to fund their drinking. Sadly, in the throes of addiction, alcoholics are willing to steal even from those they care about so they can buy their next round.

Always keep an eye on any shared bank accounts if you suspect a problem.

Look For These Signs Of Alcoholism

The signs of alcoholism shared in this post may not be as obvious as some of the others you know -- but that doesn't mean they can be ignored. 

Want more information on how to get help for yourself or someone you love?

Break this dangerous cycle of drinking today by spending some time on our website and looking into your options

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