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Our Mission

To create an invaluable internet portal and print publication for the dissemination of knowledge relating to the understanding and available treatment of all addictions.

Our Values

To be an open and friendly organization purely involved in addiction and recovery education and the dissemination of knowledge based information.

Our Solution

We believe that as long as an alcoholic or addict is alive, there is hope for healing.


The Recovery Source, Inc. was  founded in 2015 with two goals in mind: to provide information for those suffering with substance abuse and behavioral addictions either personally or through loved ones and to connect those people with the Treatment Programs that can help them.

Through raising awareness and matching people with the services they need, we save families and lives. The information and listings of Treatment Programs we provide at The Recovery Source is meant to offer Treatment Center options, rather than take the place of advice from your licensed medical professional. Please consult your primary care physician about any drug, alcohol or behavioral addiction issues you, a family member or friend may be experiencing and, as always, if you feel you are in imminent danger with a life threatening emergency, dial 911.

The Recovery Source maintains editorial autonomy over its content and remains unbiased with respect to objective facility data, and reviews. The Recovery Source continues to develop and release innovative articles and information for the benefit of the entire treatment community. Our staff and our mission remain the same – to provide the best services, tools and resources for Treatment Providers, and to help those struggling with addiction to connect with facilities and programs that can support them.

The Recovery Source in the Media

Our editorial content provides insightful, topical, informative articles addressing addiction, behavioral disorders, drug crime, drug policy and recovery. We frequently enlist treatment professionals at the forefront of their field to create compelling, often visual content, to generate large scale awareness.

The road to recovery starts with taking the first step.






We Always Try to Create a Difference

A healthy caregiver not only nourishes the needs of others, but also nourishes her own.