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Laura Burrs and Vee Burris Founders & Co-Executive Directors

As parents, we all want the best for our children. But one day you get a call from your child letting you know she/he has a substance abuse addiction and desperately needs your help. Where do you turn for help? Who can you speak with when you don't know the first step to dealing with Substance Abuse?

The call my wife and I received in June of 2015 was from our daughter, the mother of two of our grandchildren. Our day-to-day lives are dedicated to Ornella's recovery and the prevention of Addiction for our other five children.Through educating ourselves, being involved, and speaking out about Addiction and Recovery, we trust and pray for a rewarding journey.

Though our organization; The Recovery Source, Inc. and our sister print publication; The Recovery Source Guide, we will share our own experiences of the treatment and recovery process. With the help of experts within the fields of Substance Abuse, Drug, Alcohol, and Recovery, The Recovery Source and The Recovery Source Guide will provide resourceful articles, informational links, contact names and phone numbers to help you or someone you love to either get the necessary help to address their addiction or help them maintain their recovery.